Custom web applications help for the growth of the company online.

To impress a customer you don't need just a website but also a highly robust platform which is easy to understand. Web development is an excited as well as challenging process in today's epoch where an e-business always look for dynamicity.

Undoubtedly! You have great ideas for your business but what about programming approach.

Here, Designlex will facilitate everything to make your idea live and working. Excited!

But its not that easy as it looks, before making a decision there are many points to be cleared. An application should be:

  • Independent of any platforms and browser
  • A fully dedicated Services: The application is in one place or distributed and shared among various hosts.
  • Controlloed Versioning - Immediate update in case of releasing new versions.
  • Simple and reliable!
  • User friendly and appropriately documented
  • Accessible and available with no downtime
  • Hackproof - Web applications are safe.
  • Cost Effective - The biggest Question! will it be cost effective.


The success story of your web application depends solely on the approach of a web developer keeping in mind the above points.

We at  Designlex will provide rich graphical user-interface for your web-applications which will ensure better conversions and happier customers. We will ensure optimal security and backend intelligence to track the users.



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As an Open Source, PHP is completely free like rain water.

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A good website isn't just an optimized code but a well structured design.

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Designlex - Taking your business to e-business!

With more than 10 years of experience, we have worked in about at all the levels of e-industry. From a big ecommerce website to a small static CMS, we delivered the requirement. We admire our work and technology in a way no body does so no matter if it is just a few page website or a huge ecommerce efforts - we ensure you that it will be completed on time. We offer you:

At Designlex, we are focused to deliver an innovative as well as a high quality web design service to individuals, SMEs and big enterprises. The developers at Designlex have experience and passion to work that you are looking for. So let our thinking pads work for you!

We are focused to deliver a quality product that could be an open source application or proprietary software. We follow and switch web development methodologies like Agile and Waterfall as per the project requirement. In simple words, a quality product is waiting for you!

A click on the “request to quote” will help us to know more about your product.

Discuss your requirements with us to get assisted in picking up a right development tool or technology that fit in your plans under budget!

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We at Designlex will provide rich graphical user-interface for your web-applications which will ensure better conversions and happier customers.

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